Vertical Stripe or Carribean Awning

Vertical Stripe awnings or Caribbean awnings are made from aluminium and are wonderful for north or south facing windows. These awnings can be made with or without a striped pattern using tightly interlocking panels in the same or different colours, the underside of every awning is white. The panels used to made the awning are alternating wide and narrow panels and come in most colour-bond colours. These awnings can incorporate many widths (limited only to the width of the panels) and can project to accommodate most applications.

Vertical Stripe awnings can be set at different angles, depending on your window and preference.┬áThese range from 5 degrees to 45 degrees from the horizontal. The ends of the awning can also vary, incorporating flare ends, panel ends and closed ends. One option is to get mitred corners around the corners of your home. Stays or posts are used to support the awning’s weight, the choice between these two options depends greatly upon the size of the awning and your home. Awnings can incorporate a bull-nose edge, which can be scalloped to enhance the look of the awning.