Vertical Drapes

Vertical drapes are very versatile blinds which have multifunctional capacities to ensure both privacy and control of light levels. Verticals have sleek, stylish and elegant looks which can be personalised for your home or workplace, to fit in with modern or classic interior designs. Their practical multifunctional design enables privacy to be maintained whilst still allowing light-level management and the ability to move your blind out of the way to behold your views or walk through your doorways, making them perfect for sliding doors and windows. Verticals are available in a high range of colours and textures as well as in block-out and translucent fabrics.

Their quick and easy, quiet operation is due to their high quality componentry which is guided with the aid of your choice of either a chain controller or twist-rod control. the quality of the componentry is such that verticals are perfect for high traffic areas such as doorways. Verticals Drape blades can stack back to reveal your views or open your doorway. This action can be done in four different ways. These blades can stack to:

  • The side of operation or the side of non-operation, depending on which side of the blind is easier for you to get to and which side your window or doorway opens on.
  • The centre (if your window or doorway opens on both side)
  • Or evenly to both sides (for double doors or windows that open in the middle)

Our vertical system encompasses carrier wheels which ensure a super-smooth operation and stainless steel spacer links, giving them built in protection from rust in even coastal salt sprayed areas whilst ensuring a consistent overlap of the blades to give the best light and heat management possible. The polypropylene weights are also rust-resistant preventing rust stains and discolouration of the fabric over time. Verticals can span 5.8 Meters in a single track, covering most openings with ease, larger openings can be covered using multiple tracks. you have the choice of optional Pelmets and between chained or chain-less bottom weights.

Verticals offer insulation from light, heat and cold, making them ideal for managing your home or workplace’s environmental impacts.

All components are made in Australia and assembled in our factory in South Lismore.