Romen Blinds

A timeless classic, the Roman blind is the ultimate designer statement. The style is essentially a series of fabric panels with distinct yet supple fold lines which give visual appeal when lowered and which disappear behind one another when raised. Roman blinds bend perfectly with traditional d├ęcor and can soften modern hard-edged interiors. With your selection of textured and plain fabrics in both blackout and translucent opacity options to either filter or eliminate external light sources whilst bringing your room to life. Roman blinds are perfect solution to nosy neighbours as they provide complete privacy in their block-out fabrics and limit visibility during the day in their translucent fabrics.

Roman blinds have added benefits:

  • The design is sleek with batters positioned so as to not involve unsightly staples and stitchings resulting in a quality finish of every product.
  • The action of lifting and lowering Roman blinds, even large blinds weighing up to 8kg, requires only minimal effort thanks to the chain driven mechanism.
  • A self-guiding spool greatly reduces the risk of cord tangles ensuring that the blind can be raised and lowered without skewing.
  • Child safety is paramount which is why all blinds come with safety devices to prevent injury to young ones. These need to be installed by a qualified installer to ensure they meet child safety regulations.