Kingston or Patio Awning

Kingston or all weather awnings are aluminium window hoods with either a curved or square front. These are the most weather proof awnings and therefore well suited to create covers for patio and walkway areas or windows and doors, to make them usable year-round in all weather types. Kingston awnings are constructed using two panel types, a wide panel and a narrow capping or link panel which joins the wide panels by interlocking with them. These interlocking wide and narrow panels allow for the creation of decorative patterns when choosing different colours for each panel, allowing them to match or contrast your home’s colour scheme. The front of the awning is ┬áscalloped to add that extra touch of style to your home. Kingston awnings can have panel ends or closed ends depending on your preference. They can be self-supporting supported with rails to the wall or posts to the ground or a handrail, depending on size.