Fly Screens

This page is specifically about non-security bug screening for windows. If you are after non-security screening options for doors please click here, and please click here to view our range of security screening solutions for doors or windows.

Window screens come with many names, these can include insect screens, fly screens, bug screens, mosquito screens, gauze screens and mozzie nets amongst others. The basic idea is the same regardless of the name, keeping those creepy crawlies out using a fine mesh which covers the face of your window or doorway. This is the most humane way to prevent these creatures coming in. Screens are also brilliant for limiting the impact of your home on the environment since they allow you fresh cool air  without the need to use electronic cooling devices.

Window screens come as standard, with a coloured aluminium frame and fibreglass mesh held in by a spline. Depending on your windows there are a whole lot of variations to this basic design. These include tracks, clips, springs, buttons, handles and other bits which we use to make the screen attach to your window, so that bugs have a very hard time getting around it. Some of these bits allow you to open, move, hinge or get around your screen in order to open or close your windows (if your windows open out), depending on your type of windows these may or may not be required. Larger frames require cross-bracing supports. These can either be the same colour as the frame or black which is easier to see past when looking at your views.

Another variation includes the choices of meshes which can be added for various different uses. These are as follows:

There are different mesh options available with cast panel doors. These are as follows:

  • Standard: Fibreglass mesh
  • Optional:
    • Midge mesh – similar to fibreglass mesh but has smaller holes for tiny insects.
    • Pet mesh or paw-proof mesh – made flexible and strong to cope with tearing and scratching of claws.
    • Metal meshes – fire protection against ember attack and rodent deterrent. More information about fire options.
      • Aluminium mesh (black) standard fire rating.
      • Stainless Mesh (black) higher fire rating.
      • Bronze mesh (bronze which turns black) higher fire rating.

You also have your choice of many standard colours which match most homes these include powder-coated and anodised aluminium. If standard colours do not suit then there are some optional non-standard colours available as well as the option of getting your frames powder-coated with a special colour of your choice, through our local powder-coater.

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