Velcro Screens & Magnetic Closing Screens

Flexiscreens are Velcro attached fly-screens which are manufactured in Australia. Flexiscreens are perfect for large openings, french doors, sliding and bi-fold doors they are also wonderful solutions for when you need to move past your screen to open your window or when you have window handles and winders which prevent the installation of regular flyscreens. They are also brilliant for caravan and camper-van windows and doors because they can be made to almost any shape, including curves, cut-outs, triangles, squares/rectangles and when your corners aren’t square and more. Magnetic closure fly screens are custom manufactured to exact measurements from high-quality components.

Flexiscreens can have a magnetic closure for doorways and to allow pets outside without the need for a pet-door whilst keeping the bugs out because they automatically close behind you. These magnetic door closures use multiple pairs of tiny high quality, high gauss, rare earth magnets (neodymium) and are made to last. The use of such high quality magnets also ensures that the screens remain closed even in moderate wind climates. These magnets are coated giving them corrosion resistance. They are inserted at 100mm intervals, and number of pairs vary depending on your screen size but most screens have around 28 pairs, ensuring automatic closure every time. The closure point or points (more can be added on large openings but is not standard) can be made off to one side if required or if you use one side of your walkway more often than the other.

Flexiscreens come in three trim colours (black, white or grey) which will match most applications and which are fire retardant and UV stable. Genuine Velcro brand fastener in two colours (black or white). The mesh is a PVC coated woven fibreglass mesh which is tough and durable. It is charcoal in colour to provide ease of vision and is available in regular or midge mesh. If getting a magnetic close this trim will be black to match the mesh and be less obvious when looking through your screen.

Flexiscreens allow for clear airflow and help reduce environmental hard in that this type of cooling requires no use of energy and in that they are long lasting reducing landfill and in turn looking after the environment.