Cast Panel Decorative Doors

Cast decorative doors allow you to add that personal touch of style and individuality to your home. With your choice of many different styles and designs in your choice of colours, including standard and non-standard colours. The company we buy our cast door panels from is Australian owned and has been around since 1947. They have been making these panels for well over 20 years, ensuring long lasting quality for you.

Panels and frames are made from aluminium ensuring corrosion resistance. The frames are extruded aluminium whilst the 100% recycled aluminium of the panels is gravity dye cast. This is a process known for it’s durability and strength, increasing the longevity of your door. The panels are coated with a hardy powder-coat finish. Standard colours, special request colours and powder-coat colours are available. Please contact us for accurate up to date colour options.

There are different mesh options available with cast panel doors. These are as follows:

  • Standard: Fibreglass mesh
  • Optional:
    • Midge mesh – similar to fibreglass mesh but has smaller holes for tiny insects.
    • Pet mesh or paw-proof mesh – made flexible and strong to cope with tearing and scratching of claws.
    • One way or lookout mesh – Aluminium sheet that is punched, stretched and angled which limits view and allows greater privacy in one direction.
    • Metal meshes – fire protection against ember attack and rodent deterrent. More information about fire options.
      • Stainless mesh (black) higher fire rating.
      • Aluminium Mesh (black) standard fire rating.
      • Bronze mesh (bronze which turns black over time) higher fire rating.

To extend the life of your door we recommend doors should be washed down regularly especially in salt water environments.

Note: Cast panel doors are NOT a security door, due to the way the panels are constructed. However, they can be made into a security door for an extra cost.

For more information you are welcome to view this PDF provided by our supplier: Cast Panel Brochure