Bahama or Horizontal Stripe Awning

The Bahama or Horizontal Stripe awning is the most cost effective of the aluminium awning hoods, providing year round protection from the elements. It is used to cover walkways, such as above a door or small patio area, as an extension or creation of eves, over windows or along a verandah or side path amongst other uses. These awnings are perfect protection from the elements, keeping rain, heat, and sun at bay, reducing the need for electric forms of heating and cooling, therefore reducing your impact on the environment and allowing you to use your outside areas even on not-so friendly-weather days.

The awnings consists of interlocking, tri-stepped panels which run parallel to the wall or fixing surface. With a minimum fall of 5 degrees it has a projection of at most 1.6m, when supported with rails to the wall, and 2.8m with post support. With a flat appearance and a minimum fall of 5 degrees it is highly water resistant. these awnings cannot have closed in ends or mitred corners.