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Metal Awnings

Metal awnings offer a solid barrier or cover for your window or doorway and also for verandahs, patios and any other area which you would like to shelter from the elements. Aluminium awnings are extremely useful for creating shade as well as protection from heat, light, wind, rain and cold, whilst simultaneously providing a stylish addition to your home or workplace. Metal awnings have a large range of styles and colours to match in with most properties and are a wonderful way to provide a sheltered, safe area for pets and families to spend their time outside on those not-so-fun-weather kind of days. There is a wide variety of standard colours available to match or contrast most homes and businesses, depending on your desires. You can choose all the one colour or to mix and match colours creating patterns and features.

With sturdy hard wearing construction and made from high quality aluminium (except heritage hoods which are colour-bond steel) our metal awnings have built in corrosion resistance and therefore minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor living and indoor home spaces hassle-free for years to come. Our metal awnings have been tested to deflect up to 90% of heat, providing considerable heat reduction and environmentally friendly cooling for you.

We have several types of metal awnings on offer, there are two main classes of awnings, those that go out horizontally to cover an area and those which come down vertically in-front of an opening.

Those which go “out” above your doorways, windows or verandahs to create a roof like cover are:

  • Kingston Awning or All Weather Awning – The most waterproof of these awnings. Has wide and narrow panels. Can have closed, open or panel ends with supports either going to the building or ground. Can have mitred corners. Click here for more information.
  • Vertical Stripe Awning or Caribbean Awning – Has panels which lead perpendicular to the wall. Can have closed, open or panel ends with supports either going to the building or ground. Can have mitred corners. Click here for more information.
  • Horizontal Stripe Awning – Most cost effective, made up of horizontal interlocking strips that run paralell to the wall, water resistant. open ends only, no miters, supported from the wall or ground.
  • Heritage Hoods – Heritage Hoods are a great addition to an older style home. The only Colourbond steel window awnings the Budget Screens and Awnings do.

The other types of Metal awnings come down in-front of the window. These are:

  • Adjustable and Fixed Louvre Awnings – Great for sun and heat protection particularly for the western windows. They also offer great storm protection. The adjustable type can be varied to allow you to see your view or let in some extra air.
  • Roller Shutter – Roller Shutters are another option for the control of heat entering or leaving your home. They can be completely raised or lowered to suit., are a terrific sound barrier and are available with either electric or manual control. 

 More information about specific types of Aluminium Awnings


Fabric Awnings

Fabric Awnings are a wonderful solution to shading and protecting your home and workplace as well as patio or verandah areas. Fabric awnings can keep out wind, water, sun, heat, cold and light and by keeping these elements at bay can help reduce your impact on the environment because your not using electric heating and cooling devices. Fabric awnings can prevent damage to your internal furniture and home-wares because they protect from the affects of the sun, such as fading your carpets.

All our fabric awnings are custom made to suit your home. There are many colour and translucency/opacity options as well as patterned choices to suit most homes. Our awnings roll away to show off your views, and hide unnoticeably just out of site, until you need their protection again. if protection is required then they are operated using simple user-friendly controls. Constructed using heavy duty canvas, PVC or synthetic materials, our awnings are built to last, even in salt-sprayed areas or outback areas like the north coast of NSW.

  • Cord & Reel Awning – perfect for situations where internal operation is preferred, such as second story windows, this awning comes out from the wall in an ‘arc’.
  • Shop drop or rope and pulley – simplest awning, a rope and pully system wraps around the fabric of this awning. the fabric rolls strait down and can be fixed at the bottom or held in place with zippers at the side.
  • Automatic Awning – Called ‘automatic’ because of it’s automatic locking arms, it is a simple to operate option for situations when you can reach your awning with ease, such as varrandahs or patios. it comes out from the wall at a pre-set distance.
  • BCS Awning – An excellent crank or electric awning for larger areas. it comes in close with your window and is great for light protection.
  • Folding Arm Awning – A rollup roof-creating awning for protection from the sun. Great for outdoor entertainment areas.
  • Channel Guide Awnings – These awnings are often excellent on patio areas. They have a spring roller at the top and channel down sides into which the bottom rail locks.

More information about various types of Fabric Awnings