Aluminium Adjustable and Fixed Louvre Awning

Adjustable and Fixed Louvre Awnings are one of the best ways to control heat. This is because their clever design both shades a window opening and allows airflow around and through the entire awning, ensuring that the awning remains cool and preventing heat transfer to your home. They are perfect for western and eastern facing windows because they allow you to stop heat from the sun in the early or late hours when the sun is low in the sky. Made from aluminium, adjustable and fixed louvres have automatic, built-in corrosion resistance and are available in a large number of colours to suit homes and businesses alike. These awnings can also help in storms as although they may become dinted (eg by hail) and need to be replaced, they tend to protect your windows, saving your home from more extreme damage.

Adjustable louvres:

  • Can be adjusted to almost any angle from 0 to well beyond 90 degrees.
  • Allow you to see your views
  • Let in winter sunlight & warmth
  • Exclude summer sun & heat
  • Great for privacy
  • Allow airflow through your window, even if in closed position.

Fixed louvres:

  • Fixed at a pre-set angle
  • Great for privacy
  • Allow airflow through your window